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Air Emirates Is MAAAJOR!

best longest flight ever!

That airplane ride was beyond! Like Bed...Bath...and BEYOND!! Woodgrain everywhere even the toilet seats! Two levels. When I boarded the plane there was a stairway to heaven - uh I mean to First Class with two angels- uh I mean flight attendants standing on either side of the stairway. It was too cinematic to leave undocumented so I snapped a pic. One flight attendant slipped away and the other smiled and posed with her full face of makeup and perfectly slicked back bun covered with a white veil under a bright red pillbox hat. They looked more like glamourous hostesses than anyone who woud get you safely through a water landing but, as a dancer I always appreciate a 'beat' face and a costume! And after hour 9 in flight....YEP! they were still flawless singing in unison "we woke up like this! we woke up like this!"



stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven

Tried to make friends with one of them to get a look upstairs but that was a no go. Not to worry though because I had a whole row to myself. Who needs First Class when you have a whole row of Economy to yourself? Okay. Don't answer that.

A row to myself!

A row to myself!

Biggest complaint: there is NO reason that at the end of a 16 hour flight you should be wishing it was NOT over! But that is exactly how I felt when the Captain came over the PA system announcing our descent into Dubai. I was no where near finishing all my movies and I had barely touched WNYC's Freakonomics Podcast! With over 300 movies from all around the world, TV shows galore, Music Videos, Podcasts, Satellite Radio and even a gaming console (unfortunately no Netflix but that just sounds greedy) and only 10 hours and 48 minutes left on the flight tracker, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed that I would not would be able to journal, eat dinner, sleep and get all my entertainment in! I fought sleep as long as I could!

What I Watched:

(James Gandolfini & Julia Louis Dreyfus) - Loved It! Light, funny, true life and sweet to see Gandolfini on the screen knowing it will be the last.

Emeli Sande: Live @ Albert Hall
Had never heard of her. Sound similar to Leona Lewis with edge or maybe the edge was just her haircut?

Citizen Kahn
Slapstick sitcom about a British Muslim family. Was attempting something new. Made it through only half an episode.

ABCD Bollywood Dance Crew Film
Similar to a US dance crew movie. Featuring Lauren Gottleib - SYTYCD contestant and one of the rehearsal assistants for my show in Vegas Viva Elvis! What are the odds out of 30 Bollywood films I pick that one?! Get it girl!

Baggage Claim
(Paula Patton) - Don't judge!

Freakonomics Podcast (NPR's WNYC) http://freakonomics.com/radio/
Super interesting topics explained through the eyes of UofChicago economist Steven Levitt and author Stephen Dubner

Landed safely, got my Saudi Arabia passport stamp and left the airport to meet Adrienne - my dear friend, Northwestern college roommate and Sorority sister who has been living with her husband (also my college friend) in Dubai for the last 3 years. Since my nerves were high thinking about landing in India with no familiar face in sight for 3 months, this was a lovely stopover that sort of paused the ever-ticking countdown to India!


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by Tovah Collins

Ivorie: what a WONDERFUL, AMAZING adventure for you! FWIW, I know what it feels like to travel (read: move) to a far away-place where you know not a soul. But know that you have all that you need. I've not been there (yet). But I know that India is going to expand you in ways you can't imagine - and change your life. I wish I could be there to travel with you. The nervousness is very natural, but when you land and begin your adventure, you won't be sorry that you did. You may even stay longer that you planned. Trust. All will be well. Breathe. And have fun! J2

by Julie

I need to fly with this airline!!!!

by LaTrina

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